Elements of Design

Primary Elements Consist of : Points

It may describe a line that connects them.

It may suggest an axis and direction.

It may be viewed as a segment of a longer path.

A point indicates a position in space.


Points may also create an axis – a linear direction

A Line

A Line has length, but no width or depth.

It will link, join, surround or intersect other visual elements.

It describes the edges of a plane.

It articulate the surfaces of a plane.

A Line creates a extended point with length, direction and position.

Linear Elements

A vertical linear element may locate points or commemorate significant events.

They can define a volume.


Conceptually has length and width but no depth.

Can have color, pattern and texture of the surface affect its visual weight.

Shape is the primary identifying characteristic of the plane .

It is formed by lines.

A Plane is an extended line with length and width, surface, shape and position.


A Ceiling is a plane.


A wall is a plane.


A floor is a plane.


Conceptually has length, width and depth.

All volumes consist of points, lines and edges.

A volume is an extended plane with length, width & depth – a 3d object


A volume from exterior to...


A volume interior.

Point Elements: Circle

A Circle in interior design.

Point Elements: Cylinder

Point Elements:

A Circle and a sphere