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Ceiling types
The ceiling is a very important element of interior. Ceilings delighted decorate any room. More diversity and refinement of these ceilings are achieved through numerous options for the lights. There is a wide range of designs Ceiling, and the choice of its type for each case is determined on the basis of all the requirements of the premises as part of the interior of acoustics, lighting, ventilation and price.

[Image: ceiling3.jpg]

Raised Ceilings
False Ceilings
Coffer Ceilings
Vault Ceilings
any one please explain what is vault ceiling
(05-24-2014, 06:14 AM)mehak jain Wrote: any one please explain what is vault ceiling

Vault ceiling is a type for extended arched form ceiling. A vaulted ceiling angles upward to create a feeling of openness in a structure. Vaulted ceilings exist in many famous cathedrals and public buildings, and modern homeowners can incorporate this architectural element into their living space.
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Thank u Manish...
Wooden Ceiling Design
In wood ceiling or wood paneling we can use wood planks or wood panels in various ways for ceiling decoration.

Coffered Ceiling Design
Coffered ceiling is traditional by design, created by framing interconnected vertical or horizontal lines across the ceiling. It gives the look of checkerboard to ceiling.

Tray Ceiling Design
Tray ceiling add artistic and unique border to ceiling design.Tray ceiling can be dropped, raised or filled with other materials depending upon ceiling height.

Popcorn Ceiling or Acoustic Ceiling Designs
Popcorn ceiling adds texture to ceiling by spray or paint like popcorn.It is inexpensive and easiest way to design ceiling with different textures.

POP  (plaster of paris) Ceiling Design
In plaster or pop ceiling, designer creates creative and unique ceiling design with pop.

Metal Ceiling or Tin Ceiling Designs
Aluminum tiles or embossed tin ceiling tiles in various finishes or designs are used to give royal to contemporary look. Lightweight property of aluminum and tin makes it popular for metal ceiling.

Skylight Ceiling Design
Roof skylight is best solution for natural light and ventilation. You can cover ceiling skylight with different types or glass like painted glass, frosted glass, etc. Use of thermal insulated glass is functional addition to skylights. It prevents heat and keeps your house cool.

Gypsum Ceiling Design
Gypsum is fiberboard made from blend of plaster of paris and wood.

False Ceiling or Suspended Ceiling Design
Generally, suspended ceiling is installed to cover any damage or unevenness of original ceiling. In suspendedceiling design, you have to use grid of metal channels in “T “shape to hold the material. Suspended ceiling also referred as false ceiling or drop ceiling.

Glass Ceiling Design
Glass panels are used for modern or contemporary look of ceiling design. Use of painted glass, stained or frosted glass with backlights offers different look and feel to ceiling decoration.

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