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Thermobimetals (TB) materials
Thermobimetals (TB) smart materials

Thermobimetals (TB) are laminated composite materials and consist of at least two cornponents, usually bands or strips, made from metals with different thermal expansion coefficients, which are permanently bonded to one another.

The component with the lower coefficient of thermal expansion is called passive, the one with the higher coefficient active.

As passive components they include:
ALLOYS as lron-nickel (Invar), nickel-cobalt-iron (Superinvar).

As active components they include:
ALLOYS as lron-nickel-manganese, manganese-nickel-copper, iron-nickel-manganese and copper.

Component combinations used in architecture
Market presence, can be made in large quantities, many years of practical use, excellent thermal sensitivity, wide range of applications, can be made resistant to rusting and other corrosion effects by additional rolled-on layers, can also be made in small quantities.
Relatively expensive compared with component combinations without e.g. Superinvar as the active component

Suitable for applications using direct electrical heating. Otherwise as above.
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