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Landscaping designs
Landscape design basic concepts 

Elimination of incongruous elements 
Removal of unharmonious landscaping qualities from design usually improves the planning. 
Introduction of accentuating elements 
Landscape character of any area may be developed or intensified by accentuating its positive harmonious qualities 
Use as a landscape factor 
  1. Recognize those uses for which the site is suited and which will utilize its full potential 
  2. Introduce into the area only those uses which are appropriate
  3. Apply and develop such uses in studied relationship to the landscape feature
  4. Ensure that these applied uses are integrated to produce a modified landscape that is functionally efficient and visually attractive
  5. Determine whether or not a project is unsuited and would be incongruous. 
Essence of landscape planning for any project
[Image: attachment.php?aid=274]

1. Seek the most suitable site

2. Let the site suggest plan forms
3. Extract the full site potential 

Taken from landscape architecture a manual of site planning and design by J Simonds

Landscaping designs examples

[Image: LANDSCAPE%20(23).jpg]    [Image: LANDSCAPE%20(24).jpg]    [Image: LANDSCAPE%20(25).jpg]    [Image: LANDSCAPE%20(26).jpg]

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