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Paint, POP and Coloring

Painting provides protection to the walls of your house as well as so much more. It is said that the colours of your house reflect your personality. The painting work is broken up into three parts:
1.      Pre-painting Work
2.      Surface Preparation
3.      Painting

Painting your Interiors step by step:
· Clean the surface thoroughly with sand-paper.
· Then apply a coat of good quality primer. If required, apply a second coat.
· Once the primer has dried, apply one or two coats of acrylic-based putty.
· Apply a further coat, or two or three coats. Thinner should be used as per requirement.

Here are some Suggestions to make the Painting Work Easy:
· If there is any dampness or cracks or other damages on your walls, have these repaired first.
· Select in advance the shades and colour schemes you wish to have on your walls. You can get help choosing the colours from catalogues, displays and show-rooms of well-known companies.
· Find out the entire product range of the company so you can select the colour that suits your needs.
· Choose light colours for outer walls. This will keep interior temperatures low.
· Also use light colours on internal walls where a lot of natural light is reflected.
I am thinking to paint my room my own to make it more good. This information helped me a lot. Thank you so much for sharing these tips. Smile
I am thinking to make my room more beautiful by painting it by myself. The tips you shared here is really very helpful to me and I will use it. Thank you so much for sharing this. Smile

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