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Soft Skills Power PPT's
Soft Skills Power Point Presentations (PPT’s) on following topics
90-10% principle
Analytical Thinking,
Anger Management,
Healthy Emotions
Body Language,
Business Intelligence,
Born to Win
Career Planning Skills,
Communication Skills, Styles,
Concept Generation,
iceberg melting
Confidence Building,
Conflict Management,
Critical Thinking skills,
Customer Relationship,
Dress Codes,
Effective Management,
Email Etiquette,
Emotional Intelligence,
Employee Empowerment,
Target Setting,
Group Discussion, Group Dynamics,
Interpersonal Skills,
Job Interview Preparations, Process & techniques

Academy of creative thinking
Kubera Park, Lullanagar
Pune - 411 040
(05-23-2014, 01:13 PM)actspot Wrote:  Soft Skills Power Point Presentations (PPT’s) on following topics

These ppt's helps architect in better understanding of social and psychological challenge comes in way of practicing architecture in real field. Architect should be motivated and should remains energetic in whole life , then only he could understand architecture in depth . It is long journey for an architect, he have to remain focus in every minute details used in building construction.
Manish Jain Architect

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