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Nektor Engineers Post Tensioning Company Profile
We are Pre-Stressing System Designers with the specialization in DESIGN DETAIL & EXECUTION of all the Pre-Stressing Systems, we undertake Turn key works for the Post Tensioning in Buildings.

For many Commercial,  Hotel & Residential buildings, we have  designed & executed Post  tensioned flat slabs with drop cap or flat plate slabs.
• Bonded & Unbonded Post-Tensioning has made  it possible for owners, designers, and builders to see their projects come to life with:
• Exceptional design flexibility and  aesthetically pleasing architecture.
• Superior strength, durability, and fire resistance.
• Fast and efficient construction schedules.
• Higher Durability due to pre-compression in concrete, with low maintenance requirements.

*The construction benefits that Bonded & Unbonded Post-Tensioning provides in structures include:
• Significant reduction of concrete and reinforcing steel quantities.
• Superior structural integrity provided by continuous framing and tendon continuity.
• Permanent compressive forces result in greater control of cracks, deflection, and camber.
• Thinner structural members allow lower structure heights, reduced foundation loads, and longer spans when compared with conventionally reinforced structures.
• Monolithic connections between slabs, beams, and columns eliminate troublesome joints between elements.
• Profiled tendons result in balanced gravity loads, significantly reducing total deflections.
• Post-tensioning reduces overall building mass, which is important in high seismic zones like Ahmedabad, New Delhi, Kutch etc.
Also there is cost & time  savings in terms of overall project budgeted
cost for which we can work out the design  details.

Also give us  chance to meet you and discuss regarding this technology.

Looking forward to serve you at the  earliest.

Thanking You,
Ankit Ramani

Chief Coordinator & BDM,

Nektor Engineers Post Tensioning.
......Innovating Across The Globe

( A unit of Nektor Engineers & Project Consultants)

Head Office:

B-104, silicon valley,

Shivranjani cross roads, satellite,

Ahmedabad 380 015

Gujarat INDIA.

Contact: +91-8306992944,



Tele Fax: +91-79-26762331.


Branch Office:


NEPT- AU Inc.  Kensington Road, Kensington 2033 NSW Australia.

Nektor Engineers Post Tensioning E-mail  Disclaimer Details-
"All information in this message and attachments is confidential and may be legally privileged. Only intended recipients are authorized to use it. E-mail transmissions are not guaranteed to be secure or error free and sender does not accept liability for such errors or omissions. The company will not accept any liability in respect of such communication that violates our e-Mail Policy."
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Please note that e-mails are susceptible to change and Nektor Engineers Post Tensioning shall not be liable for any improper, untimely or incomplete transmission.
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