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Project Management In Architecture
Project Management In Architecture

Project management is also a significant term within architectural practice. In the execution of a project, the work of all disciplines and relationships needs to be orchestrated—architectural design, the coordination of other design disciplines, team members' design and drawing work, client relationships, time and fee tracking, etc., . This orchestration is achieved through the architectural project manger, a conductor of sorts. The goals of Project Management include the orchestration and integration of an overlapping set of issues including project scope, schedule and budgets, development of the design, management of the delivery team throughout the various phases of the project from inception to initial occupancy.
I have been on the hunt for some project management software (web or locally based) that could help manage an Architectural of people with a couple of offices world wide.
Agreed! Project Management is very important for any project.
The best project management tools for architects

ArchiCAD, BQE Core,, Deltek Ajera, Newforma, WorkflowMax, Priority Matrix, TARA etc.
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