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Requirements of a Fire Station
A typical local fire station can be set out based on the following units :

1. Four bays for the fire tenders.
2. An appliance room and storeroom for special equipment
3. A training room and a multipurpose room for 
— administration and control room staff 
— rest and recreation rooms   and a plant room

A fire station for both local and area support operations, providing fire prevention and technical services, central workshop, catering, training and practice facilities, contains:
• up to 16 fire engine bays (with ambulance service)
• an appliance room and storeroom for special equipment
• a training room
• rest and recreation rooms, including washroom, shower, WC, changing room and drying room
• rooms such as a duty room, restroom and small kitchen
• administration room and room for the station commander
• vehicle and equipment workshop and plant room
• an operations control room
• a central workshop.

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