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Things to ponder before planning a Restaurant
Before any restaurant or inn is built, the organisational sequence should be carefully planned. It is essential to establish what meals will be offered, and at what quality and quantity. It is necessary to decide whether it will have fixed or changing daily menus, plate or table service, self-service or a mixed system. Before deciding on the layout, ¡t is important to know the anticipated numbers and type of clientele and the customer mix. Bring in planning specialists in kitchen and cold store design, as well as in electrical, heating and ventilation systems and washing/toilet facilities. The position of the site will suggest what type of inn or restaurant is likely to be suitable.

The main room of a restaurant is the customers’ dining room, and the facilities should correspond with the type of operation. A number of additional tables and chairs should be available for flexible table groupings. Any function or conference rooms should have movable furniture to allow flexibility of use. A food bar may be installed for customers who are in a hurry. Large dining rooms can be
divided into zones. The kitchen, storerooms, delivery points, toilets and other service areas should be grouped around the dining room. Toilets can be on the same or another floor.

Structural columns in a dining room are best in the middle of a group of tables or at the corner of a table. The ceiling height of a dining room should relate to the floor area: 
<50m2,  250m;  
>50m2, 2.75m;
 >100m2, 3.OOm;
galleries, 2.50m.
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