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Internship Application

Whomsoever it may concern

18 july 2017

Respected sir/ma'am,

I am a student of 5th year of B.Arch and i am writing to apply for the intern position in the your studio for completing the compulsory practical training for six months in the beginning of  B.arch degree course.

This, for me would be an opportunity, not only to become familiar with the work offered in a professional studio, but also to prepare myself for the upcoming responsibility of being an architect. As an architecture student my inclination has always been towards developing a sense of awareness for spaces.


I appreciate your consideration of my application in anticipation of your response.

Yours faithfully

B. Arch 5th Year
Faculty Of Architecture and Planning, Jaganngath University,
Jaipur ,Rajasthan
Mobile: +91 7062210322

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