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Role of Landscape Architect
Each landscape design is based on specific requirements and does differ from one site to site. An element or a plant which suits one site may be totally off the place for second site. Selection of landscape elements such as flooring material, sit outs, benches, fountain, other street furniture and pergola etc. Is a skilled job and all those elements in one place shall gel well with each other.

Landscape Architect : 
A person who practices landscape architecture . 
A person who offers or performs professional services, for the purpose of landscape preservation, 
development and enhancement, 
such as consultation, 
planning, design, 
preparation of drawings, 
construction documents and specifications, 
and responsible construction observation. 
Landscape preservation, development and enhancement is the dominant purpose of services provided by landscape architects. 
Landscape architects perform professional work in planning and design of land for human use and enjoyment. Based on analyses of environmental physical and social characteristics, and economic considerations, they produce overall plans and landscape project designs for integrated land use.
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