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Dream House by the late Zaha Hadid : Capital Hill Residence
Capital Hill Residence, the only private home by the late Zaha Hadid for Vladislav Doronin.  Zaha hadid fullfills the only demand by client to wake up in the morning and to just see blue skies. 
Doronin don’t want to see any neighbors, and want to feel free. Zaha hadid responded this by  quotes “Do you realize you have to be above the trees?”. 

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The spaceship-like abode features two main components: the main home, which carves into a slope, and a volume containing the master suite that appears to float above the tree canopy 22 meters, or 72 feet, above the ground. A slender tower props it up, with three floors embedding themselves into the forest. Capital Hill boasts Hadid’s signature elements—swopping curves, cantilevering roof overhangs, and glass expanses, to name a few—but the home as a whole is a unique experience. Appearing windswept, it leans into the forest, becoming one with it. For more details  watch the video below.

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the building has meticulous architectural details crafted by late architect zaha hadid
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