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Aspects of 3D Walkthroughs and 3D Architectural Virtual tour
Building Interiors walkthroughs :

•3D Rendering portrays color hues, light reflection & intensity and the play of shadows, which reflect interior or exterior lighting
•Exterior lighting takes natural lighting into account. Variables like window direction, seasons, diurnal variations & global latitude play an important role
•Interior lighting includes self-illumination of objects in the room, light from each fixture, & reflection of light within the room

Building Exteriors walkthroughs :
3D Architectural Walkthrough in general, starts with pictorial explanation of external facade of building where the structure, architecture & building materials can be highlighted

External Environment walkthroughs :
We undertake services for external environment walkthroughs, wherein the animated walkthrough includes exterior features such as roads and the neighborhood; landscaping including trees, fences, hedges; and vehicles in general. New Age Network offer international quality 3D Walkthrough services through best utilization of 3D animation & walkthrough creative solutions. The teams work on generating detailed & realistic walkthroughs, which allows viewing options of the individual buildings/ entire site from all perspectives. To ensure to pay the deserved attention to every detailing, right from wall & floor colors and lighting to surrounding landscape & roads, making the designs a virtual site visit.
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