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job application
Palak Kaku (8980495017)
22nd June 2018
Good morning ma'am/sir. With this letter i wish to express my strong interest in working with your firm's architecture department. I'm a graduate in Bachelors of Architecture (2013-2018). My resume detailing my professional background is enclosed under for you to review and consideration.
The degree covered many topics and i developed a keen interest towards Structural Details in any built form. I am looking forward to develop my skills and move towards a succesfull career.
I have done my internship under a LEED accredited architect and have learned some skills like site inspection, dealing with client, making of sanction drawings etc.
I feel your firm to be an ideal place to begin my career and i believe i can be a beneficial addition to your team.
I look forward to your response.
Yours Sincerely
Palak Kaku (8980495017)

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