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New The HECI Act 2018 will override Architects Act 1972
The Higher Education Commission of India (Repeal of UGC Act) HECI Act 2018 
Download the draft copy of act 

the functions of new commission are as follows 

(a) Specify learning outcomes for courses of study in higher education;

(b) Lay down standards of teaching / assessment / research or any aspect that has bearing on outcomes of learning in higher educational institutions including curriculum development, training of teachers and
skill development; 
© Evaluate the yearly academic performance of higher educational institutions, by monitoring the performance on criteria laid down; 
(d) Promote research in HEIs and coordinate with Government for provision of adequate funding for research;
(e) Put in place a robust accreditation system for evaluation of academic outcomes by various HEIs;
(f) Provide for mentoring of institutions found to be failing in maintaining the required academic standards;
(g) Order closure of institutions which fail to adhere to minimum standards without affecting the student’s interest or fail to get accreditation within the specified period;
(h) Advise the Central Government or any State Government on any question which may be referred to the Commission by the Central Government or the State Government, as the case may be;
(i) Prescribe proactive public disclosure of various parameters of academic performance and academic outcomes by all Higher Educational Institutions relating to the branches of learning undertaken in that Institution;
(j) Perform such other functions as may be prescribed or as may be deemed necessary by the Commission for advancing the cause of higher education in India or as may be incidental or conducive to the discharge of the above functions.
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