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Setback rule in new Unified Building by-laws 2017 Rajasthan
1. Front setback as per clause 8.7(i)  of Unified Building by-laws 2017  : 

Setback will be measured from the boundary. Rear and back setback will be as per clause 8.2; table 1.
Above 90 sqm. plot area; front set back will be decided based on the width of the of the road. (as shown in the table below) 

Road width                                                  Front Setback
up to 18 Meter                                             3.0 Meter
more then 18 Meter  and upto 24 Meter         4.5 Meter
more then 24 Meter and up to 30 Meter         6.0 Meter 
more then 30 Meter                                     9.0 Meter 

[Image: attachment.php?aid=282]

2. Front setback For plot area 90 Sqm. or less than 90 Sqm; as per clause 8.7(ii)  of Unified Building by-laws 2017  : 
It is mandatory to have 1.5 M front set back.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=283]

3.  Front setback of proposed height more than 15 Meter ; as per clause 8.7(iii)
It is mandatory to leave a front setback of 6 Meter, for proposed height of more than 15 Meter.

 For height more than 15 Meter, it is mandatory to leave rear and back setback of 6 Meter .
For height more than 15 Meter, it is mandatory to leave rear and back setback of ¼ times the height of the building.
Note: Out of the above two conditions, the larger values obtained should be obtained.
 As mentioned above, setback should be left from ground only.
 In situations’ with variable building block height, rear and side setback from boundary wall will not be less than ¼ times height of the respective building block.
Whereas for front setback above compulsion will not be there and minimum front setback will  be as per clause 8.2, table 1 only.
[Image: attachment.php?aid=284]

4.  Front setback on basis of recommendation of capable officers as per clause 8.7(iv)

If the size of the plot is in such a manner that the obtained front setback doesn’t match with the front setback of surrounding plots, then the setback can be decided separately by recommendation of capable officer; by seeing the front setback of surrounding plots. In general, front setback will be towards the wider road and the determination of height of the proposed building in relative to that road width

[Image: attachment.php?aid=285]

5. Front setback of surrendered land as per clause 8.7(v) 
In land with earlier allotment / patta , after the Surrender of land , the front setback will be equal to width of surrendered land so that building line could be intact.
[Image: attachment.php?aid=286]

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Manish Jain Architect
6. Setback For plots with more than one road as per clause 8.7(vi)  of Unified Building by-laws 2017  : 
For all kind of land use of buildings, setback will be considered from the main road i.e. the wider road will be selected for deciding the front setback in corresponding table OR according to planned scheme whatever is greater.  Other Road will also have front setback and this is decided as per clause 8.7 section (i) OR according to setback of a scheme in case of planned area. 
[Image: attachment.php?aid=287]
7. Relaxation of setbacks as per clause 8.7(vi) :

If in clause 8.2 table 1 from (i) to (x), due to setback of residential, commercial and institutional land use plot , ground coverage achieved is less than 25% limit , then there can be relaxation of setback ( except front setback) of that plot till setbacks of lower type plot. 
[Image: attachment.php?aid=288]

 It is mandatory to leave 4.5 M for fire escape van in Front and rear setback. After 4.5 M if there is any architectural element is allowed if it is used for elevation treatment only.
 Any architectural element will not be allowed to function, other than elevation treatment; which is not more than 50% of the setback length.

 The above section of clause 8.8 part (viii) will be allowed only when there is 4.5 M wide fire escape van movement available on the ground floor.
 Ramp is allowed in setback only if fire escape van is provided with 4.5 M wide movement space on ground floor.
 Ramp in front setback will be allowed only after leaving 6 M. 

 On subdivision of a plot, front, rear and back setbacks of the subdivided plot will be considered maximum obtained from; either from clause 8.2 table 1 or for the plot as a whole, without considering the subdivisions.  
 For non-schemed area or non-subdivided area, where setbacks are not decided, BPC (Building Plan Committee) will decide the setbacks.
 Height, B.A.R and ground coverage of the subdivision plot will be considered minimum obtained; either by considering the plot as a whole or by subdivided plot provisions in bylaws. 

 If two or more plots are reconstitution, setbacks and other building bylaws will be applied as per reconstitution only. Plots will not hold any individual identity with respect to bylaws.
 Except front setback; mechanical parking is allowed in rear and side setback after leaving 4.5 M wide for fire escape van movement.

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Manish Jain Architect

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