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Study notes of Construction Material : LIME
Study notes of Construction Material LIME useful for students of architecture 

Download PDF 
.pdf   construction material-LIME.pdf (Size: 604.96 KB / Downloads: 4)

Information on this site is purely for education purpose. Their use here does not imply that you may use them for any purpose other than similar informational. 
Manish Jain Luhadia 
B.Arch (hons.), M.Plan
Tel: +91 141 2743536 

Thank you for the study notes sharing with us , I appreciate your efforts in collecting the information and sharing it. The material will be very useful in helping us in understanding lime as construction material . The information you provided is both up-to-date and specific to our research needs. As I hoped, these data will help me to convince my client in some of our designs
Thanks for sharing such useful information about lime. 

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