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logo types & design
All logos are built out of typography, shapes and/or images, and typically fit into one of these six standard logo types. 
Each will give your brand or business a different feel. 
These six types can also be combined with one another to create even more unique logos.

Abstract mark

An abstract mark is a logo that uses the emotive qualities of color and form to convey your brand. Instead of being a recognizable image like an apple or a chicken, abstract marks use shapes to represent your business.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=391]
Emblem logos uses frames and shapes to enclose the company or organization name. Think badges, seals and crests.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=392]

Lettermark logos feature one or more stylized letters (for example, a company’s initials) to identify the brand. Famous lettermark logos include those for IBM, CNN, HP and HBO.
[Image: attachment.php?aid=393]

Pictorial mark or symbol

Pictorial marks and symbols are non-abstract, visual icons that represent your company name or service. You can see this with the Apple logo, the Twitter bird and the Target bullseye.

Mascot logos rely on a character or brand spokesperson to represent a business. Famous mascots include Colonel Sanders, the Kool-Aid Man and Mr. Peanut.

A wordmark relies on custom typographic treatment of text to illustrate a brand. Think VISA, Google or Coca-Cola.

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