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Asian Games Village Raj Rewal
The concept is based on sequence of spaces interlinked with narrow pedestrian street, shaded and kept alive through a careful mix with recreational and commercial areas. 

Asian Games Village was built in 1982 to house athletes for the games. 

500 housing units were designed as a group housing in 35 acres. 

The aim was to create an urban pattern of low rise high density based on a sequence of open spaces linked by shaded pedestrian pathways. 

The peripheral roads are connected to the cul-de-sac parking squares which in turn give way to individual garages or car porches attached to the houses or apartment blocks.

The streets are consciously broken up into visually comprehensible units, often with gateways, so there are pauses, point of rest and changing vistas.

The central spline of the layout is reserved for pedestrian courts and streets of various clusters. 

About 8% of the houses and apartments have access from pedestrian enclosures as well as parking squares.

for more detail .... 
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