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Systems of Plumbing
Systems of Plumbing 

One-Pipe System - The system of plumbing in which the waste connections from sink. baths and wash basins, and the soil pipe branches are all collected into one main pipe which is connected directly to the drainage system. Gulley traps and waste pipes are completely dispersed with but all the traps of water closets, basins, etc. are completely ventilated to preserve the water seal. 

[Image: attachment.php?aid=578]

One-Pipe System-Partially Ventilated - Also called single stack; partially ventilated. A system in which there is one soil pipe into which all water closets, baths, sinks and basins discharge. In addition, there is a relief vent which ventilates only the traps of water closets. 

Two-Pipe system - The system of plumbing in which soil and waste pipes are distinct and separate, the soil pipes being connected to the drain direct and waste pipes through a trapped gulley. All traps of all appliances are completely ventilated in this system. 

Single Stack System - The one-pipe system in which, there is. no trap ventilation. 

Single Stack, Partially Ventilated - A via media between the one-pipe system and the single stack system

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