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Importance of Young Architect Personality Development
Personality plays important role in architecture , presenting yourself in right way that makes your client confidence in you and your design . Client generally do not understand much about design aspects , client judge design by your behavior. Presenting yourself in a pleasant and winning hearts over is  a great skill to master. 
Young architect must remember that they are now into the real world dealing with variety of people with different thoughts, attitudes and personalities. It is very difficult to define the word personality.A personality is the total reflection of your habits both good as well as bad. 

Today's young architect may practice as an individual or in a small, medium or large firm; the architect may be either self-employed or salaried; the architect may work for an institution, a development company, or a large organisation. aspects of personality development are 
  • Handling client & contractor
  • Art of attraction
  • Leadership relationship with construction team 
  • Memory Enhancement & Time management
  • Overcoming worries & Criticism comes after project implementation 
  • Effective speaking in explaining design
  • Healthy mind & Decision making on site inspection 
Manish Jain Luhadia 
B.Arch (hons.), M.Plan
Tel: +91 141 2743536 


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