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The Lessons of Privatization
The Lessons of Privatization
Comparative Studies on Privatization

A General 

Authors : Barnett. Steven 2000. "Evidence on the Fiscal and Macroeconomic Impact of Privatization." IMF Working Paper WP/00/130. Washington D.C . International , Monetary Fund
Methodology  The study investigates the Impact of privatization on fiscal and macroeconomic performance.
Main Findings:  Privatization proceeds transferred  to the budget are largely used to reduce domestic financing with the little evidence  that they are used to finance a larger deficit ......

B. Developing Countries

Authors : Bernal Richard L. and Winsome ..........
Methodology : This study analyzes privatization initiative in the English speaking  Caribbean.... 
Main Findings: Overall privatization has had positive effect in the Caribbean ..... 

C Transition Economies

Authors : Barberis, Nicholas, Maxim Boycko...........
Methodology : The study surveys 452 Russian firms that were sound at the beginning of the 1990s and attempts to measure the relative importance of the channels......
Main Findings: The authors find that nevi owners and managers increase the chance of restructuring that Increase ......

D Developed Countries 

To
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The last four decades have witnessed the revision of the traditional relationship between the state and the productive sector. Triggered by the problems associated with state-led industrialization, many developing economies, from the 1970s onwards, began to adopt structural reforms that significantly reduced the presence of the state in the national economy. Privatization, the sale of state-owned assets, was centripetal to this process, and it has repeatedly proven to be a catalyst for fractious distributional and political battles
There is also significant regional variation in privatization. The first region to generate significant revenue from privatization was Latin America, with a sharp initial peak in the early 1990s, driven by the rapid and aggressive privatization programs of Argentina and Mexico. Following a brief hiatus, revenues peaked again in the late 1990s, this time driven by the privatization program of Brazil and to a lesser extent Colombia. Interestingly, revenues fell sharply after 1999, and remained quite low throughout our second sample period.

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