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Environmental Awareness in Human Settlements: A Case Study at Household Level in
Environmental Awareness in Human Settlements: A Case Study at Household Level in Tiruchirippalli Municipal Corporation,Tamil Nadu.

HUMAN SETTLEMENTS provide a living and working environment for virtually all the world's population by providing not only the physical environment but also the centre for socio-cultural activities. The United Nation Conference on Human Environment (1972) proclaimed that the defense and improvement in human environment, both natural and man-made, had become an imperative good for mankind to be pursued together with fundamental goals of peace and of world-wide socio-economic development

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Sustainable human settlements development was discussed at the second and third sessions of the Commission on Sustainable Development.
"Promoting sustainable human settlements development" is the subject of Chapter 7 of Agenda 21,
which calls for 
1) providing adequate shelter for all 
2) improving human settlements management
3) promoting sustainable land-use planning and management
4) promoting the integrated provision of environmental infrastructure: water, sanitation, drainage and solid waste management
5) promoting sustainable energy and transport systems in human settlements
6) promoting human settlements planning and management in disaster-prone areas
7) promoting sustainable construction industry activities
8) promoting human resource development and capacity-building for human settlements development

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