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Health for Urban Poor - Strategic Development
Health for Urban Poor - Strategic Development
(Unicef supported Desk Review and Rapid Assessment conducted by a SIHFW, Rajasthan during 1996-97)

Urbanisation is a universal phenomena. As the cities grow, more number of people are destined to live in a limited space with reduced facilities. Consequently the quality of life of everyone is affected. This issue is of serious concern in a state like Rajasthan which is still
struggling to improve the rural health services, where health problems in urban area are fastly cropping up. 
Recent forecasts indicate that absolute urban population of the state. which was 101 lakh in 1991, would shoot to 145 lakh by 2001 and would be as high as 273 lakh by : 2016. It is estimated that one- quarter of this population is poor which is not merely concentrated in slums but scattered throughout the cities. Thus the future of our cities is associated with the future of sips and urban poor.

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