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Marketing as an Alternative for toilet schemes with a credit component
Marketing as an Alternative for toilet schemes with a credit component in Andhra pradesh

MANY LOW income neighbourhoods in India lack toilets, which leads to unhealthy living conditions. Initiatives to deliver individual and community latrines to such neighbourhoods are mainly organized by the government. In practice these conventional schemes are highly politicised and financially unsustainable. An alternative model for the delivery of toilets, based on public-private partnership, has been drawn up for UNICEF's regional office in Hyderabad. In order to make the sanitation units affordable for the poor, the government is expected to subsidize the unit costs and the scheme will be implemented by a private agency. The main difference is that the beneficiaries will have to pay for their share by means of a fixed monthly contribution to a  lottery-based savings association for the period of one year. Each month a lottery will take place among the participants and the winners will obtain the desired toilet  and no longer need to pay their contributions. At the end of the year, the toilets of the remaining participants will be installed. Such an alternative scheme minimizing political interference, is financially sustainable and fits the new Urban Agenda. This article is composed as follows.

First, there is a description of sanitation facilities and the main technological solutions.
Secondly, attention will be paid to the provision of basic facilities in relation to an increasingly liberalised Indian economy.
Thirdly, specific attention will be given to the sanitation schemes in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh.
Fourthly, a marketing alternative for the sanitation schemes, with a credit component, will be presented and finally the article will be wrapped up with a conclusion

To
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Taken from Nagarlok vol XXX JUN -SEPT 1998 NO 3

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