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Solid Waste Management and Recycling in Developing Countries
Solid Waste Management and Recycling
in Developing Countries

Developing countries have been recovering and using recyclable materials from municipal solid waste for many years. Moreover, recycling activities in the South are expanding rapidly (Savage and Diaz 1995, Bennis et al. 1996). Two factors underlie this development. First, local industries have increasingly recognised the advantages of recycling, such as lower energy consumption and therefore they have increased demand for recyclable materials.

Secondly, consumers and collectors have become more aware of the economic value of recyclable waste and therefore have improved separation techniques and expanded the supply of secondary
materials. In this section, the last factor will be discussed and analysed. As literature on this subject is rather scarce, most conclusions are based on a survey undertaken for the waste paper
collection sector in Bombay. First a literature overview on recyclable waste collection in developing countries is presented.

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