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Fire Detection and Suppression Systems at Metro Stations
Fire Detection and Suppression Systems at Metro Stations

All means of egress shall be in conformity with NFPA 130.

The fire fighting system is to be designed in accordance with IS 3218, National Building Code-2005, local codes and relevant Indian/International Standards.

(a) The fire suppression, hydrant and hose reels system shall comply with the relevant Indian Standards, NBC-2005 and with the approval of local fire authorities.

(b)Gas flooding fire suppression systems shall be used in major panels viz 33 kV, MDB and essential power supply panel where protection by conventional water systems would be unacceptable.

©Type and location of Portable fire extinguishers shall be as recommended by the local fire authorities.

Fire hydrants and hose reels

Hydrants shall be located on either end of each Station and additional hose reel shall be provided for each 2000 sq.meter and above in Station area and supplied from the fire main.

Each hydrant shall comprise a hose connection and a standard bronze gate valve.

Hydrants and hose systems shall comply with the relevant Indian Standards.

Hose reels shall be installed in the Stations as required by the local fire authorities.


Sprinklers are to be used for fire suppression system in the underground/basement areas and property development/ commercial areas.

The sprinkler installations shall be a wet pipe type installed in accordance with the requirements of the local fire authorities and relevant Indian Standard codes.

Gas Flooding

This shall be used only in major panels viz 33 kV, MDB and essential power supply panel.

The gas flooding system shall be designed to comply with local regulations and the local fire authorities.

Gas flooding systems shall be of the total flooding type with high pressure open-ended piping installation on the distribution side.

The Concessionaire shall provide adequate personnel safety features such as pre-discharge warning alarm/signal system, manual abort function and room isolation procedures in compliance with NFPA 130.

Activation of a detector on one zone shall cause alarm bells to sound. Activation of detectors on two zones shall cause a siren or horn to sound to warn that if the system is in the automatic mode the extinguishing agent shall be released. These warnings shall also be activated by operation of the manual release.

The gas for gas flood systems shall be stored in rechargeable cylinders at ambient temperature. Cylinders shall be assembled into banks of the required number securely mounted in a frame arranged so that external parts may be readily accessible and corrosion cannot occur. Each cylinder shall be fitted with an automatic pressure release device for over pressure protection of the cylinder. Each cylinder shall be complete with gas valve/actuator, pressure gauge, flexible hose, check valve and all other necessary accessories.

Hand held portable fire extinguishers

Portable fire extinguishers shall be located at strategic positions as agreed with the local fire authorities. The type of fire extinguishers shall be appropriate for the risk at that location. Portable fire extinguishers shall comply with NFPA 10.
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