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Drainage System At Metro Stations
Drainage System At Metro Stations

Separate storm water and sewerage systems shall be provided for Stations which shall be designed to comply with the following requirements:
(i) BS EN 752: Drains and sewer systems outside buildings; and
(ii)BS 8301: Code of practice for building drainage.

Pipe work for drainage services

1. Drainage pipe work

The storm water drainage discharge mains shall be of galvanized steel and welded. The drainage discharge main shall be sized to ensure that in an emergency all drainage pumps shall deliver their design quantity.

2. Sewerage pipe work

(a)The pumped discharge main for the sanitary sump shall be of ductile iron or heavy duty polyethylene.

(b)All ductile iron pipes and fittings shall be lined internally with a lining of high alumina cement mortar in accordance with BS EN 598. Where zinc coating is proposed for the external finish, it shall be in accordance with BS EN 598 and be followed by an epoxy finish. This shall cover the internal surface of the socket.

©Flanged pipes shall comply with BS EN 545. Ductile iron flanges shall have the dimensions given in the relevant tables in BS EN 1092-2. All bolts and nuts for flange joints shall be of grade 4.6 of BS 4190 and shall be hot-dipped galvanized in accordance with the requirements of BS EN 1461.
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