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Gopachal Atishaya Kshetra (Jain Temple)-Gwalior
Gopachal Atishaya Kshetra, Jain Temple, is situated in fort of Gwalior, famous for great magnificent idols. This is one among the ancient forts of India and is said the gateway to Southern India from north.

Number of idols on this hill is about 1500, which includes the size from 6 inch to 57 feet in height. All the idols are carved by cutting the hilly rocks (rock carving) and are very artistic. So the whole of fort seems a vast temple of Jain idols. More of the idols were made in the period of King Dungar Singh & Keerti Singh of Tomar dynasty. Period of these idols is said between V.S. 1398 to V.S. 1536.

The vastness & beauty of these idols shows the proficiency of artists.

[Image: gopalachal%20(4).jpg][Image: gopalachal%20(7).jpg]
[Image: gopalachal%20(10).jpg]
[Image: gopalachal%20(15).jpg]
[Image: gopalachal%20(24).jpg]
[Image: gopalachal%20(32).jpg]

Here is a very beautiful & attractive miraculous colossus of Bhagwan Parsvanath in cross legged seating posture 42 feet in height & 30 feet in breadth. It is said that in V.S. 1557, Mughal emperor Babar after occupying the fort ordered his soldiers to break the idols, when soldiers stroked on the thumb, a miracle was seen and invaders were compelled to run away.
Gopachal is the place of precept by Bhagwan Parsvanath and is also the place of salvation of Shri 1008 Supratishtha Kevali.
In the period of Mughals the idols were destroyed mercilessly, broken fragments of those idols are spread here & there in the fort.

Main colossus of this Kshetra is Lord Parsvanath’s, 42 feet high and 30 feet wide, all-round beautiful & miraculous, unique in world. Together with the place of precept by Bhagwan Parsvanath & place of salvation of Shri Supratishtha Kevali, there are 26 Jain Temples more on hill and one Trikal Chaubeesee Mandir also agreeable.
So sad to see this. kshetra ki raksha karna hamara param dharam hein

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