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Gandhi Ashram at Sabarmati Ahmedabad, - Charles Correa
Set up in the year 1915, Sabarmati ashram was the central point from where the struggle for India's Independence was started. Till the year 1930, the ashram at Sabarmati was the home of Mahatma Gandhi. Bordered by shady trees, the atmosphere over here is very tranquil and peaceful. During the Indian struggle for independence, it was also referred to as the Satyagrah Ashram. Read further to know more about Sabarmati Ashram in Ahmedabad, Gujarat

[Image: gandhi%20asharam%20(44).jpg] [Image: gandhi%20asharam%20(45).jpg] [Image: gandhi%20asharam%20(45).jpg] [Image: gandhi%20asharam%20(46).jpg] [Image: gandhi%20asharam%20(47).jpg] [Image: gandhi%20asharam%20(52).jpg] [Image: gandhi%20asharam%20(53).jpg]

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