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Advantage/ Disadvantage of Wooden Staircase
Advantage/ Disadvantage of Wooden Staircase


• Allows paddlers easier access from a steep or eroding shoreline

• Aesthetically pleasing; less disruptive to “natural” shoreline than concrete

• May be easily and inexpensively repaired, if damaged 

• Wood also give a more comfortable and warm look to your home.

• It is more welcoming then metal

• wooden stairs will produce less noise than metal ones.


• Installation may be costly and may require alteration to shoreline

• May be susceptible to undercutting

• May require maintenance as stairs age and weather

• Wooden staircase are less resistant then metal staircases.

• They can be easily damaged by high humidity and by extreme temperatures.

• Wood also needs to be treated for pests.

• Wooden spiral staircase will cost you more than installing a metal staircase.
THis is the perfect information..
Thank you sanskriti

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