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Rocco Furniture
Rocco Furniture

Rococo features:

Continuous undulating curves

Twisting naturalistic ornament in marquetry and metal

Whimsical interpretation of mainly classical designs, characterized by carved shells and S-shaped curves.

Lack of symmetry (asymmetrical)

Restless, fluid movement

Fanciful treatment of forms in nature:

Attenuated sprays and tendrils

Pierced and jagged scallop shells

Flower garlands

Flickering flames

Exotic motifs from the Near and Far East, esp. China

Freely modeled forms, often combining natural elements, e.g., animals, shells, and leaves with formal scrolls


[Image: 14468.jpg]
woah, this kind if furniture looks like an anchient one. I think this furniture will be matching with classic building. Right?

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