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Granite Stone
Granite Stone

Granite basically refers to a common, coarse-grained, light-colored, hard igneous rock comprising chiefly of quartz, orthoclase or microcline, and mica, used widely in monuments and buildings. It is a common and widely-occurring type of intrusive, felsic, igneous rock that form at great depths and pressures under continents. Ordinary granite always carries a small amount of plagioclase, but when this is absent the rock is referred to as alkali granite. Granite consists of orthoclase and plagioclase feldspars, quartz, hornblende, biotite, muscovite and minor accessory minerals such as magnetite, garnet, zircon and apatite.

[Image: granite.jpg]
We are dealers of building stones in Jaipur, Rajasthan. We have been dealing in building stones industry since 1964 and we have a showroom in Jaipur city showcasing our vast range of domestic/imported granites, marbles and quartzite.

We have granite slabs in both cutter size and gang saw size. We also provide services in stone finishing such as leather, lappato, shotblast etc. Over all these years we've been supplying quality products at competent prices to our customers .

Through this message we want to connect with the leading architects/designers like you. Do let us know if you have any requirements of granite slabs, marbles or engineered stones. Until then thank you for your time.

contact us @ 9314510275

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