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Constructing the Wall Framing - Wall Framing Layout, Framing Member Size & Spacing
Constructing the Wall Framing

Build on the Platform & Tilt-up or
Build in Place
[Image: framing.jpg]

Wall Framing Layout, Framing Member Size & Spacing

Loads Vertical & Lateral

Floor Loads, # of Stories, Roof Loads, Wind, Quake
Minimum - Code Requirements

Attachment of:

Exterior and
Interior Finishes

Opening Locations - Doors & Windows

Insulation Requirements
(may elect to use ‘deeper framing to accommodate thicker insulation)

[Image: frameterm.jpg]

Wall Sheathing


Typically – OSB or Plywood
Insulating Sheathing - (no structural qualities)

[Image: sheath.jpg]

Sheathing Purposes:

Joins & stabilizes the structure
Resists uplift
Resists wracking- Resists lateral forces
Provides surface for finish material

[Image: sheath1.jpg]

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