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Sample questions for NATA
Sample questions for NATA

1. .Imagine u r at a lawyers cabin for discussing a case, but there's someone who wants to urgently meet the lawyer so he leaves the cabin for a couple of pass ur time u luk at the wall behind his chair. On the wall are racks of books of similar kind neatly arranged, there is notepad, pen stand, telephone & and a few books from the rack on his table. Depict the scene how it will look from ur chair!

2. .three cones.. inverted with a rectangular slab between them.
Light is falling from the right side making an angle of 45 degrees.
Draw the arrangement showing how light affects it

3. design a mural to be exhibited on a building exterior for delhi 2011 olympic games.

4. you are travelling in a busy city bus. draw what you see.

5. design a 2d logo for a restuarant. color it appropriately

6. design a 3d sculpture to be installed infront of an architecture college.

7. create 5 different 2 d composition using square, circle and a rectangle. use them in varying sizes and in required number of times. color them appropriately using hte color concepts

8. make a 2d composition using the shapes od dinner set. create minimum 5 diffeernt compositions

9. the ant in a candy bottle

10. select 2 paintings you like and explain in terms of design principles why you like it.

11. make a visually pleasing 2d composition using 2 circles, 4 squares and 3 triangles. the shapes can vary in size. how ever they should not overlap. use an intersting color combination using 4 colors

12. create an interesting composition using kettle, computer mouse, 2 big books kept on a table.

13. . imagine you are of the size of an ant roaming inside a bottle containing 5 long lollly pops. you are looking eagerly up at a lolly pop that has its wrap open. draw the view as you would see.

14. for perspective drawing assume you are a bulb in a levis store. visualse and draw what you would see. there are 2 customers and one shopkeeper at the billing counter. 1 customers is being assisted by helper. a 50% off sale is going on.

15 . You have been provided with pieces of coloured paper in the shape of red triangles, blue circles and yellow squares. Make a composition in the given space using a maximum of five pieces.

16. Five bricks, four circular wooden logs and six balls are given to you. Make an interesting three dimensional stable composition using these elements and show the effect of light and shadow on the composition.
Make a 3D composition with 3 footballs and 2 cricket bats. Also show the effect of light and shadow on it. (you can try with any objects in this such as bottles, glass, tea pot and cup, lemon and spoon)

Design a logo for a mobile handset company. Render it.

You can see a bus stop across the road from your third floor balcony. There are number of persons waiting for bus. Draw a pencil sketch of the of the same as seen from balcony. (you can imagine it from first floor, tenth floor etc..for studying the birds eye view perspective)

Your size has been reduced and you are inside a paper boat in a big bucket placed in the bathroom. You can see a frog & a mouse inside. Imagine and draw the view.

Draw a two dimensional profile of a key in the given space and colour the same. (for practising you can take any object watch, tic tac pen )

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