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National Farmers' Bank - Louis Sullivan
National Farmers' Bank - Louis Sullivan

“some of Sullivan's finest work is the National Farmers' Bank. The main banking room is a single cubical space enclosed by a box, indicated by the wide stained-glass lunette windows. The base is of red sandstone, with dark red brick walls. Ornamentation is concentrated in panels, of bronze-green terra cotta, with intricate cast iron escutcheons at the corners; the cornice is simply corbeled brick courses. To the rear is a separate block housing offices and shops, a speculative venture by the bank, but clearly related to the bank in materials and design."

— Leland M. Roth. A Concise History of American Architecture.

[Image: farmer.jpg]
" Sullivan's National Farmers' Bank stands on the corner opposite the park. Massive and stately—68 feet broad and about 53 feet tall—its silhouette and ornamental patterns strike golden section rectangles. Great vaulted windows pierce the deep walls, and a row of dark square windows punctures the base. Strength in concept; surprise and contradiction in detail.
"The great ornamented mass anchors the lines of street facades, bringing sequences of jumbled store fronts and one fine, arcaded office building (Sullivan's also) to a monumental climax."

Interior, ceiling/northwest corner ·
Interior, ceiling/southeast corner · National Farmers' Bank
[Image: farmer1.jpg]

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