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Foundation System

Foundation is a part of walls, piers and columns in direct contact with the transmitting load to the ground.
A foundation is provided for the following purposes:
  • To give enough stability to the structures against various disturbing forces, such as wind and rain.
  • To distribute the total load coming on the structure on a larger area.
  • To prepare a level surface for concreting and masonry work
  • To support the structures.
  • Foundation system

Strip Foundations

Foundation system

Strip Foundations consists of a continuous strip, usually of concrete under load bearing walls. The width of strip foundation depends on bearing capacity of the subsoil and the load on the foundation.
Foundation system Foundation system

Minimum width of Strip Foundation = 450 mm
Minimum Thickness of concrete strip = 150 mm
Concrete should be at least as thick as the projection of strip each side of the wall as if there were a failure of concrete by shear.
Foundation system

Pad Foundations

Foundation system
Foundation system Foundation system

Raft Foundations

Foundation system

Pile Foundations

Foundation system
Piling Sections and elevations
Foundation system Foundation system

Foundations on Inclined Land

Foundation system

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