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Directory of construction chemical Products useful in construction , Exteriors and Interiors.

Construction chemical

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   ARDEX Endura (INDIA) Pvt. Ltd.
Floor screed,  Primer,  Concrete Ancillary,  Floor Levelling Compound,  WaterProofing,  Tiling,  Sealant,  Wall Levelling Compound,  Grout & Anchor,  Flooring & Parquet Adhesive,  Tile & Stone care,  Industrial Flooring & Coating,  Tools & Tackles.
  Akzo Nobel Coatings (India) Pvt. Ltd.
  BASF India Ltd.
Admixtures for Concrete , Sustainable Construction,  Systems for Civil Tunneling,  Surface Improvement,  Grouting Products,  Concrete Repair and Protection Systems,  Tiling Systems,  Industrial and Commercial Flooring Systems,  Waterproofing Systems,  Joint Sealants and Joint Sealing Systems. 
  Blackcat Enterprises Pvt Ltd.
Admixture,  Waterproofing Compounds,  Curing Compounds,  Mould Release Agent,  Grouts,  Floor Toping,  Repair Rehabilitation,  Corrosion Control,  Special Building Aids.
  Cementone (India) Pvt. Ltd.
Concrete Admixtures,  Integral Waterproofilng Compounds , Plasticisers & Accelarators,  Building Repaires,  Tiling Product,  Tile Adhesive,  Tile Grout,  Coatings,  Flexy,  Stabisol,  Woody Woodsol,  Metasol ( Red Oxide),  Barsol,  Speciality Products,  Curing Compound,  Mould Realising Agent,  Wood Adhesive.
  Chembond Chemicals Ltd.
admixtures as super plasticizers,  plasticizers,  air entrainer,  shotcrete additives ,  integral waterproofing,  crystalline waterproofing ,  coatings ,  hydrophilic waterstop,  membranes,  curing compounds,  deshuttering agents,  water repellent coating ,  tile cleaner,  expanding grout admixture,  cement grout ,  epoxy grout ,  polyester resin grout,  bonding agent,  crack filler / sealer,  microconcrete ,  mortar ,  crack injection ,  joint sealant,  flooring, cementitious self leveling compound,  floor hardener,  cement based tiling,  epoxy based tiling.
  Choksey Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.
anticorrosive coatings,  caulks and adhesives, cement modifiers, crystalline coatings, floor coatings, non slip floor solutions, repairs and rehabilitation, ealants, tile adhesive and grouts, surface treatment, water relellants Exterior Coatings application,  Terrace waterproofing,  Bathroom & toilet leakages,  Complete waterproofing solution for new construction,  Waterproofing for repair and rehabilitation of structure,  Pavement seal & expansion joints application for roads & bridges, 
  Cipy Polyurethanes Pvt. Ltd.
protective coatings and floor toppings,  Floor Coatings,  Spray Applied Polyurethanes,  Polyurea Coatings,  Liquid Applied PU Membranes,  Protective Coatings,  Moisture Curing Urethanes,  Water Proof Coatings,   Wood Coatings,  OEM Coatings,  concrete admixtures,  concrete curing and release agents,  repair mortars,  bonding agents,  non shrink grouts,  dry shake hardeners,  liquid hardeners (sodium silicate),  nano lithium silicate densifiers,  cementitious self levelling underlays,  ECC based underlays ,  polyurethane (sealants for concrete pavements, high performance sealants, tar-free) polysulphide sealants( gun grade, pour grade)
  CHT (India) Pvt.Ltd.
Anti-deposit, thickening agent for mineral bound plaster, Water retention agents for mineral bound plaster,
  DOW Chemical International Pvt. Ltd.
  Elkem South Asia Pvt. Ltd.
  Fairmate Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.
Concrete Admixtures,  Waterproofing Systems,  Engineering Grouts,  Industrial Floor Surfaces,  Surface Treatment,  Concrete Repairs,  polysulfide and acrylic sealant for expansion and construction joints,  Prepacked Concrete and Mortar,  Protective Coatings,  Highway Repairs,  Fire Protection Systems,  Cement Additives.
  Krishna Conchem Products Pvt. Ltd.
bipolar concrete penetrating corrosion inhibitors,  reinforcement coating systems ,  bonding agents ,  repair grouts, impregnators, & anchors,  repair mortars ,  water proofing ,  protective coatings ,  admixtures ,  sealants, adhesives & curing compounds,  heritage coating over stone, laterite surface ,   composite strengthening system.
  Maxroth Chemicals
Concrete Admixtures,  Waterproofing Systems,  tile solutions,   industrial construction chemicals,  wall putty primer,   mortar.
  MC Bauchemie (I) Pvt. Ltd.
Admixtures,  Concrete Cosmetics,  Screed,  Site Products,  Building Restoration,  Waterproofing,  Concrete Repair,  Flooring Systems,  Injection Systems,  Joint Sealing,  Surface Protection,  Underground Structure.
  MYK Laticrete India Pvt. Ltd.
Adhesives,  grouts,   tile and stone care products,  underlayment,  latex,  sealants
  Nina Concrete Systems Pvt. Ltd.
Water Proofing,  Retrofitting and Restoration,  Civil Finishing Works,  Exterior Cladding and facades,  Specialty Building Products,  Construction,  Floor Finishes.
  Perma Construction Aids Pvt. Ltd.
Water Proofing systems,  Construction aids,  repair & bonding agent,   coating & protection,  tiling aids, 
  Polygel Technologies (I) Pvt. Ltd.
Admixture for Concrete,  Sealants & Adhesives,  Water-proofing Systems,  Integral Waterproofing,  Mortar Plasticizers,  Concrete Plastisizers,  Waterproof Coating & Repairs,  Tile Fixing,  Concrete Hardner.
  Pidilite Industries Ltd
building repairs,   coatings and paints,  concrete admixtures,   grouts,  industrial flooring,  sealants,  tile fixing,  integral waterproofing,   liquid applied membranes,  preformed membranes.
  Renolit India Pvt. Ltd
R&M International Pvt. Ltd.
The Structural Waterproofing Co. Pvt. Ltd.
Sika India Pvt. Ltd.
Cement Technology,  Concrete Technology,  Concrete Maintenance and Repair,  Flooring,  Grouting & Fixing,  Injection,  Joint Sealing,  Mortars,  Protective Coatings,  Roofing,  Elastic Bonding,  Structural Bonding,  Tiling,  Waterproofing,  Protection.
  STP Ltd.
Waterproofing & Insulation Products,  Road Surfacing Products,  Protective / Anti-Corrosive Coating Products,  Epoxy Flooring,  Admixtures / Grouts / Floor Hardner,  Sealants & Additives,  Others Chemical Products.
 sunanda Sunanda Speciality Coatings Pvt Ltd.
waterproofing systems,   corrosion protection,  admixtures ,  underwater concreting,  corrosion mitigating admixtures,  expanding grout admixture,  waterproofing admixture,  repair materials,   tile adhesives and tile grouts,   floor hardeners,  exterior coatings / paints,   epoxies and epoxy coatings, pu coatings,  interior application products,   anti microbial wall wash,  curing compounds,  injection compounds.

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